Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard Entertainment’s take on MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is quite different from other MOBA games because its game mechanics.

hero-stormHeroes of the Storm have different maps or battlegrounds, each having their own unique objectives.

The battlegrounds that are currently available on the Heroes of the Storm are:

  1. Battlefield of Eternity- the map’s objective is to get the aid of Immortals to destroy the enemy’s base. At some point in the game, the Immortals will battle each other out. You must then kill the opponent’s Immortal in order to summon your own.
  2. Cursed Hollow- The objective is to get the “Curse”. You can summon the curse by getting three tributes, after which, the enemy’s towers and forts won’t attack you and their minion waves only have 1 HP each for a short period of time.
  3. Dragon Shire- This is a three-lane map where in two shrines are situated at the top and bottom lanes and the dragon summoning shrine is located at the mid lane, respectively. After activating the bottom and top shrines, you now have the ability to summon the Dragon Knight, which has a lot of siege damage and skills.
  4. Haunted Mines- This is a two-lane map with the objective of summoning golems. Golems can be summoned when the mines open and you gather skulls. The team with the most skulls have the more powerful golem.
  5. Garden of Terror- This three-lane map is centered on getting seeds from enemy units called shamblers. These shamblers only come out at night, so be quick and get as many seeds as you can. After you reach 100 seeds, you can then summon the Garden Terror, which has a good chunk of HP and also have a few skills to use at your disposal.
  6. Blackheart’s Bay- Acquire the aid of the pirate Blackheart by getting coins. These coins can be gathered from Mercenary camps or treasure chests. Give these coins to Blackheart and he will bombard your enemy’s base with cannonballs.
  7. Sky Temple- This map’s objective is for you to acquire a temple. After you acquire the temple, the temple’s magic will fire a laser beam to your enemy’s base, slowly destroying it until it’s reduced to nothing.
  8. Tomb of the Spider Queen- Acquire the aid of the spider queen by collecting gems and surrendering them to the Queen’s altar.
  9. Infernal Shrines- The latest map, there are infernal shrines located at the top, middle, and bottom areas of the map. When the signal commences, you and your team should gather to the said shrine and kill 40 minions. After killing 40 minions, you will then get the aid of a Punisher. There are three kinds of Punishers: Mortar, Frozen and Arcane. The Mortar punisher unleashes missiles on your enemy. The Frozen Punisher uses frost magic and the Arcane punisher releases Arcane sentries to damage your foes.

These battlegrounds provide the most amazing experience in a MOBA game. Play Heroes of the Storm to satisfy your craving for MOBA!