No Man’s Sky Team Says that They Are Currently Working on a New Patch that Will Make Gamers Happy

No Man’s Sky is probably one of the most promising games of 2016 but it has been plagued with a lot of issues on its PC port. Hoverboard skate officiel, is a site that sells the electric scooter that has taken the world by storm.

Playstation 4 users do not report any issues because the specs of the game console are basically the same across the board.

PC players, however, will have to deal with a lot of issues because there are just a lot of PC configurations out there and may not be able to truly support the game as big as this.

As of this time of writing, the PC version of the game is mired with a lot of different issues like graphical artifacts, in-game stuttering, freezes, and a host of other things.

In light of these recent issues, one of the game developers, Sean Murray, posted a tweet that they are currently testing a new patch and that that patch will “make players happy”.

As to the exact details of the patch, it is still unknown as of this time of writing. But, it will most probably fix the game’s current issues like the one I’ve mentioned above.

The patch is said to be released on both the Playstation 4 and the PC versions of the game. Since the Playstation 4 doesn’t have the issues that PC users face, it is possible that the patch includes feature updates as well, on top of the bug fixes, of course.

In the past interviews, Murray stated that they are going to be releasing some new base-building mechanics as well as large space-freighters into the game, so this might be the patch that everyone’s been waiting for.

Again, there are no patch notes released yet as of the time of writing this article so it remains to be seen what the patch would really bring to the fore. But I am pretty sure that they are going to be fixing all of the game’s major issues.

If you are a PC user and you’re experiencing some of the problems that other people face when playing the PC port of the game, you could try a few things.

If you’re experiencing graphical problems or low framerates, Nvidia and AMD have released a new game-ready driver that will hopefully fix some of these issues.

Also, some people report that some of the issues go away by just turning off Steam’s in-game Overlay. To do this, fire up your Steam program and then go to the settings menu and untick the “Enable Steam Overlay” option.

Also, turning down some of the graphical options down a notch may also help as well and for those people who are still experiencing issues despite these minor fixes, then you will just have to wait until the patch is released.

I am happy that the game developers are working full-time to deliver a great experience to the gamers.

No Man’s Sky is available on the PC and on the Playstation 4 game console.