Brown Fat Revolution Diet

Who wants to be fat? I believe that no one really wants to become fat, it is just that it is hard to lose weight. A lot of overweight people have huge deposits of white fat. According to James Lyons, MD, White fat is the kind of fat that we usually dread. These fats make our belly bulge out of proportion, and this is the kind of that saps our confidence.

James Lyons is a popular plastic surgeon and he has done surgery over a thousand times on women that want to look younger than their age. He found out that if you remove white fat, and increase the brown fat in our bodies, it will help us become younger, feel younger, and look slimmer.

That is why, he has devised a diet plan aptly called the Brown Fat Revolution Diet. The Brown Fat Revolution diet is not complex at all; in fact; it is very easy to follow and it only requires determination and effort.

Brown fat is the kind of fat that you want because it helps us lose a lot of weight. Dr. Lyons found out that slim and healthy people have a lot of Brown fat stores. So technically, how do you increase your brown fat? Well, one is by subjecting yourself to cold temperatures to the point of shivering. Your body heat will kick in, and brown fat will be mobilized. Or, you could follow Dr. Lyons Brown Fat Revolution Diet.

Here are the key things you need to know about the Brown Fat Revolution Diet:

  1. Eat Six small Meals a Day- What were you taught in elementary school? You are taught to eat three times a day. That would be breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, according to Lyons, you will produce more Brown Fat if you eat Six Small Meals a day. That is because your stomach will be in constant motion, increasing your metabolism, and ultimately, you will increase your brown fat stores.
  2. Exercise Regularly- Dr. Lyons advocates that exercise should be incorporated in your daily routine. Not only will daily exercise help increase your brown fat stores, but you will be healthier overall; not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.
  3. Alternate Carbohydrates and Proteins- Most other diet plans have you eat carbohydrates and proteins a day. But, according to Dr. Lyons, it is best to alternate carbs and proteins because he found out that you can develop brown fat even faster when following this scheme. For example, eat mostly carbs on Monday, then mostly proteins on Tuesday, and so on.
  4. No Restrictions, but Keep Everything in Check- The Brown Fat Revolution diet is not strict when it comes to foods, but keep in mind, you want to increase your brown fat stores and not yellow or “bad” fat. Eat everything in moderation.

A lot of people have tried the Brown Fat Revolution diet with amazing results. They report that they feel younger and look slimmer after just 12 weeks on the diet. They also like the fact that the diet is not very restrictive when it comes to which foods you should eat, provided that you eat everything in moderation.

Couple that with the six-times meal requirement every day, it is quite an easy diet plan to follow. Increase your brown fat stores now by following the Brown Fat Revolution diet today.