Glutathione (also known as GSH) plays a crucial role in every single cell of the human body. It protects cells, tissues, and organs from a wide variety of diseases and toxic free radicals. It is a critical aspect to maintaining our daily health, but there are a couple of reasons why entirely too many people do not have their glutathione levels at a place where they should be. Aging can weaken the cells, and therefore negatively impact the effectiveness of the glutathione in our bodies. In other cases, it is simply because we do not get the right amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet.

This is where a supplement can be extremely useful. There are numerous glutathione supplements available on the market, and there are a variety of ways in which your body can get the levels it needs to be healthier and stronger.

You really don't stand to lose anything by learning more about why your body needs glutathione. What you can gain from the knowledge, however, is considerable.

The Pluses Of Glutathione
Glutathione has not only been used in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and various lung diseases, but it has also proven useful in HIV/AIDS and certain cancer treatments. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that GSH adds strength to your immune systems. This is why it is able to fix cells that have been damaged by such everyday occurrences as stress, pollution, radiation, various infections, and more. And although vitamins C and E are excellent antioxidant supplements, a great many people do not appreciate how useful glutathione can be as an antioxidant supplement as well. The reason for this is that GHS can already be found in the cells.

You should definitely consider talking to your doctor about adding a GSH supplement to your diet. He will suggest to you the best course of action from amongst your options for boosting your glutathione levels. This can include taking the supplement orally, taking it as an injection, or even adding a supplement of 10 or 20 mg of a glutathione precursor molecule. Cysteine is the one that is most often suggested for people, and there are some studies that suggest this may in fact be the best way to increase glutathione in your body.

This supplement does contain milk proteins, so those with lactose or dairy restrictions may not want to take it.
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